About Us
Disability BackUp is currently is currently run on a Voluntary basis by
its members.

Disability BackUp Hackney is an independent user-led forum for disabled people living in Hackney. It acts as an opportunity for disabled people to have their say about key issues in Hackney.

Disability Backup will enable service users to influence change in their borough and be consulted about current issues. The forum will be accessible to those with physical, sensory or learning impairments and is open to all age groups.

Our Aim is to:
·   Promote the                                         thereby promoting equality and reducing
·   Enable participation for disabled people in all of Hackney's opportunities.
·   Represent interests of disabled people in regards to council services.
·   Increase access for disabled people to council services.

Introduction and Background
The Disability BackUp Forum was established in 2008 and has grown to be a successful and dynamic forum with around 300 members.

The aim of Disability BackUp is to enable disabled people in Hackney to influence change in the borough and be consulted about current issues. The forum is a membership-based network which is accessible to all disabled people over 16 years of age. The forum aims to firmly work within, and promote, the social model of disability. It supports the empowerment of individuals to participate as fully as possible in wider society, reduce dependency and develop confidence.

The objectives of the forum are to:
·   Represent interests of disabled people in regards to services provided by
    public, voluntary and private sectors by facilitating the widest possible range of
    disabled people to represent themselves and each other.
·   Encourage participation for disabled people in all of Hackney's opportunities.
·   To ensure that local disabled people are involved with the changes to adult social
    care, including active consultation and information regarding the Personalisation
·   To continue to develop an effective model of service user involvement within
    Health and Social Care Services, acknowledging that disabled people may want to
    be involved in different ways. The aim is to enhance representation of disabled
    people in decision making and to include disabled people in the resident
    involvement on existing boards such as the Transformation of Adult Social Care
    programme and the Disabled Persons Partnership Board.
·   Increase access for disabled people to non-specialist services.
·   Promote equality and reduce discrimination.
·   Enable users to have a voice when changes are being considered to publicly
    provided or funded sectors which particularly affect them.
·   To continue the work the Disability BackUp has achieved and work with its members
    who have the skills and knowledge of knowing the disability sector in London
    Borough of Hackney.

Disability BackUp achieves these objectives through the following activities:
·   Supporting disabled residents to have a voice and influence services, decisions
    and raise issues relevant to their lives.
·   Gathering and disseminating useful information and invitations - both about
    Hackney and relevant national issues / events - to people in ways relevant to them,
    in a newsletter, website, text message.
·   Having meetings and group/social events so people can debate with others and
    learn new things.
·   Introducing Disability Equality between disabled and non-disabled people and other
    members and stakeholders with the Disability BackUp members who have achieved
    Disability Equality Training recognition and have been trained and have delivered
·   Offering a space that all disabled people can find out about new opportunities open
    to them without creating any barriers.
·   Facilitating consultations and focus groups with disabled people on issues that may
    affect them.
·   Supporting representation and feeding views and information into and from
    partnership boards.

Previous Hosting and Support
Hackney Family BackUp
From Disability BackUp's inception in 2008 until March 31st 2011, hosting and support for the forum was provided by the organisation "Hackney Family BackUp", with core funding from the London Borough of Hackney’s Grants programme, and additional support to support specific work on health and adult social care.

With the closure of "Hackney Family BackUp", the London Borough of Hackney (LBH) appointed "Age UK East London" to host and provide support to the Disability BackUp forum: both in its day to day running and to enable it to achieve its objective of influencing change in Hackney.

Age UK East London

From March 31st 2011 until August 31st 2015, hosting and support for Disability BackUp (DBU) was provided by "Age UK East London", with core funding from the London Borough of Hackney’s (LBH) Grants programme and additional support to enable specific work on health adult social care.

With the decision of LBH to decline further funding to Age UK East London, it was agreed that Disability BackUp would continue on a voluntary basis, managed and run by their members. Disability BackUp will carry on being a user-led forum for disabled people living in or working in Hackney. The engagement of disabled Hackney residents will remain the priority of Disability Backup's work in the future.

Disability Backup Member John Thornton will now be acting as chair for DBU and will also be taking the lead on communications, with Anthony Larvin acting as deputy. Maureen Ford will be taking on the task of fundraising and become Treasurer, with Andrea Rawlings acting as Secretary.

Disability Backup extends a warm and heartfelt thanks to Age UK East London for their support and management during the last four years.

"Social Model of Disability",